On a recent trip to the Spendor factory I snapped these pictures and gleaned some important facts from Philip Swift in regard to what separates Spendor from the myriad other loudspeaker manufacturers. A more recent trip is documented here.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. Spendor operates from a quite large premises in Hailsham, near Eastbourne in England. The loudspeakers are designed, components built and the final product assembled in this facility. Spendor Audio moved to these premises approx 18 months ago from a collection of smaller inductrial units that they had occulpied for 25+ years. The move to this new factory confirmed the dawning of a new era under Philip Swift's management (pictured over the back). This new factory allows for some expansion which will come in handy with the new models Philip is planning.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. Finished loudspeakers ready to be shipped off to all corners of the globe. New improved packaging is starting to appear as the old carton stock runs down. Australia and the U.S will recieve most of the benefit of this new stronger packaging as we have considerable road transport distances and this is what seems to cause the previous cartons to go 'floppy'.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. One of the most important areas of Spendor's design and perhaps the key area where the 'Spendor Magic' is formed is in the use of their own drive units. These drive units are designed, many parts made and the driver assembled and magnetised right here in this factory. Detailed pictures will follow in a future article. Shown here are finished drivers ready to be carefully screwed into finished enclosures.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. Speaking of enclosures! These ones without the plinth fitted yet show the unusual and very effective slot loaded arrangement that Spendor employs. This technique offers considerably reduced port noise and also cause less interaction with surrounding boundaries meaning a more consistant performance is available from the speaker whether close in or some distance from a rear or sidewall of the listening room.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. More enclosures awaiting drive units and crossovers.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. Some of these cabinets are now receiving their drive units, cross overs etc. You may notice a few new veneer colours that Spendor has not previously offered. These are available now. We will still probably just stick with Rosenut and Cherry as our stock colours here in Australia, but you are welcome to place and order in the new oak colour at the same sell price as the other four colours. The outrageous looking veneer on the S9e in the pictures does come at a premium though.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. View from the other side of the assembly bench.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. Lots of Van Den Hul wire ready to connect Spendor built drive units with Spendor built crossovers.
Click for bigger image of Spendor factory. The grile frames are covered in the factory as well.
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