Four years have rushed past since I was last at Spendor. With their recent move into a new custom built factory I felt it was time to visit again and document the improvements that have been made to the way these almost unique loudspeakers are designed and constructed.
Click for bigger image of Philip Swift Philip again, pictured hard at it. No doubt planning another award winning loudspeaker design.
Spendor A3 cabinets featuring real wood veneer. Below are pictures of most of the components that go into a complete loudspeaker. To the left are the raw cabinets.
Spendor hand rafted mid bass cone coil assemblies. iCone coil assemblies ready to be dropped into frames. Cone assemblies, coils, spiders, surrounds, frames and magnet assemblies are all put together at Spendor.
Spendor completed drive units. Obviously finished drivers.
Spendor cast aluminium frames. Frames, frames and more frames.
Spendor factory crafted cones. Cones with surrounds attached, ready to have their coils and spiders glued in.
Spendor magnet assemblies. Magnets athat are yet to be magnets. ie. The magnet assemblies are not magnetised until the driver is fully assembled.
Spendor factory built crossover assemblies. Assembled crossovers once tested and confirmed to be on spec are screwed into the enclosure.
Spendor Van Den Hul wiring looms All Spendor models use Van Den Hul internal wiring.
Spendor A9, A3 and A5 finished and ready to pack. Lotsa finished loudspeakers. Ready to be packed up and sent worldwide.
Spendor warehouse. Having being packed they are warehoused for short periods of time until the whole order is assembled and shipped off. Spendor is in a constant state of back order at the moment. In fact in the time I have been dealing with them (around 8 years) they seem to have always been in this state!
Rob Coe looking devious. "I'm just going to hide these ones from Terry to mess with him"!
Spendor keeps parts for years and years.
Spendor keeps spares for as long as possible for all models. In many cases parts are available up to 20 years from the date of manufacture. The mezanine is where all these spares are kept.
Spotless! I wish the kitchen at Audiofix looked like this!
Monkey! Nice monkey calendar.
I'll getyah ya litl bugger. Rob dealing with a small mammal that dared to run across his despatch desk.
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