Audiofix imports Spendor loudspeakers from the UK. Spendor is still hand built using their own drive units made on the premises at the Spendor factory Hailsham, East Sussex.

Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor S3e. The small but quite large sounding S3e. A popular choice for Spendor fans with smaller rooms.


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S5e - Spendor's smallest floorstander. The award winning S5e. Stereophile Magazine "Budget speaker of the year" and favourite of classical music enthusiasts everywhere. In small to medium sized rooms it is hard to beat



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Click for full info, specs and pics of the Spendor S6e. The S6e combines a sensibly sized cabinet with big speaker performance. Trade mark Spendor midrange and amazing bass extension at an affordable cost has helped it to many award wins.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor S8e. The multi award winning S8e is the future cult speaker from the current Spendor line up. Very natural sound. Read the reviews to get a feel for the performance of this amazing speaker that has been compared to electrostatics. Perhaps the best 'S' series speaker for pure music systems.



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Click for full specs on the Spendor S9e. S9e. Quite simply the best 'S' series Spendor loudspeaker. It offers bass of a quality rarely heard at this affordable price. Tight and very extended, coupled to first class Spendor mid and treble, adds up to a speaker that offers superior performance and lends it self to high quality AV systems without the need of an extra subwoofer.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor SR5. The SR5 is designed primarily as a high quality speaker that is intended to be used mounted on a wall. Very few loudspeaker designs take the coupling of the sound to the wall into account and never sound neutral and clean. The SR5 does and sounds great because of it. It of course also lends itself to use as a very high quality rear channel solution in a premium surround system.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor C5e. The C5e blends beautifully with the S5e main speakers to allow seamless sound across the front three channels of a quality surround system. Just add SR5's for five channels of first class surround.


Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The Spendor C9e is quite simply the best centre speaker I have ever heard. Unfortunately Spendor have ceased making this model. Check with us for remaining stock of this brilliant but slow selling model.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The S3/5r - NEW for 2008

This is an amazing small speaker. Perhaps the most honest and realistic midrange performance I have heard anywhere. The bass output maybe a little limited but the charm factor is very high.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The SP3/1r


New 'R' info coming soon. In the meantime you can download the PDF to the right for 'R' update info.

Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The SP2 is one of my favourite Spendor models due to the fact that its so damn pleasant to listen to and now in new 'r' guise the SP2/3r is a more modern, sensitive speaker that retains all of the previous models charm.


Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The new SP1/2r like its smaller cousins has been recently improved and is now smack up to date with its new 'r' badge. Perhaps the smoothest operator in the Spendor range.


Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. Due to significant price increases from the UK and of course freight etc the SP100r is now a rather expensive loudspeaker but what a speaker! Easily the most wonderful, earthy and realistic midrange of any dynamic speaker on the planet backed up by a high resolution top end and sizable but well controlled 12" bottom end.



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Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The SA1

The SA1 will be with us soon. Reviews are already suggesting that this loudspeaker is a significant step forward for Spendor into a new area of incredible transient performance and yet still maintaining the Spendor listenability.


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Click for full specs on the Spendor C9e. The ST1

$16995pr (approx)

Coming Soon.

A bigger, bolder, full range version of the SA1.

Live in Melbourne?

Three of the most popular models from the Spendor range are currently on demo at Acoustic Images at Mount Waverley (their details and website here)

They currently have the S8e, S5e and S3/5r on display.

To the left is a summary of the Spendor line up. If you click on the picture you will be shown a full page of specs and larger pictures. The links are for PDF's of full reviews. Right click and "save as".

All Spendor loudspeakers carry a full five year parts and labour warranty. At Audiofix we take that a step further and include the cost of a technician calling to your home or the cost of return freight if necessary in that same warranty.

The 'S' series is available in five luxurious real wood veneer finishes. Cherry, Light Oak, Walnut, Rosenut and black Ash.

Please note that all Spendor pricing from the UK went up on 1st May 2008 and of course the costs associated with importing these wonderful speakers continue to rise but due to the very strong AUD we will maintain the existing prices as long as possible.

Audiofix is located on the Sunshine Coast at -

Cnr Production and Tandem Avenue, Warana, Qld, 4575. Australia.

Ph 07-5437 9790 and

Mobile 0418 772 434

and feel free to use our local call cost number when ringing from out of town

1300 139 552

Don't forget we have agents in Sydney and Adelaide with stock and Andrew and Roei will be only to happy to organise a demo.

email me - 'ah at'

or phone for details.

Mailing address is -


PO Box 1063

Buderim 4556, Qld.


Andrew Krucko in Sydney -

0429 928112


andrew at ranchproductions . com

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